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Honey and Co: The Food Talks

Jan 17, 2020

The first episode of our Who Run The World? season celebrating women in food.

Since the start of Honey & Co women have reigned supreme; they run our kitchens, our front of house and our offices, and we finally feel that the industry is starting to catch up with us. Women are now leading the way across the industry, not just as chefs but as food critics, as writers, as culinary teachers, tv and radio presenters and so much more.

So, with International Women’s Day on the horizon we wanted to dedicate a whole season to some of the women who inspire us every single day!

Today’s guest is Andi Oliver, she’s the most vivacious and beautiful person we’ve had the chance to meet this year. The interview with her is absolutely hilarious. We talked about her career in a punk band, and how she made the transition to chef and then to food broadcaster. Her show The Great British Menu is one of our absolute favourite shows, you should watch it - we spend hours arguing over what we would make!

Listen to find out more about how she managed to get where she is and how she broke the glass ceiling. We are also so excited to hear about her current project collecting recipes from all around the Caribbean, Wadadli Kitchen.  

This interview is part of our series Who Run The World? Women in Food. Our final episode will air on 8th March International Women’s Day.

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Producer: Miranda Hinkley
Manager: Louisa Cornford
Vocals: Kristine Kruz