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Honey and Co: The Food Talks

Jan 31, 2020

This is the third episode of our Who Run The World? season celebrating women in food.

Today’s guest is multi-award winning food journalist Sheila Dillon, known as the voice of The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4. Sheila started her career in journalism when she reported on the contamination of the New York water supply by pesticides for food magazine Food Monitor, and has been reporting on the most important stories in the industry ever since. As a reporter, writer, producer and presenter on The Food Programme, Sheila has been involved in many important stories in the food world: from BSE to the horsemeat scandal; from the rise of GM crops to the growth of the organic movement; and more recently the health hazards of vegan junk food.

As well as telling us about these groundbreaking food stories, Sheila told us fascinating stories about her experiences as a woman in the food world, including her activities with the women's movement, how she was involved in a landmark sex discrimination case for equal pay in America, and more recently her experiences of the gender pay gap at the BBC. 

We really loved having Sheila share her knowledge, experience and advice for those looking to build a career in the industry. This is such a wonderful, insightful conversation and an important listen. 

Hope you enjoy!

This interview is part of our series Who Run The World? Women in Food. Our final episode will air on 8th March International Women’s Day.

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