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Honey and Co: The Food Sessions

Nov 8, 2021

Today on Honey & Co: The Food Sessions we have Caroline Eden joining us! A journalist, food writer and cookbook author, Caroline's latest cookbook Red Sands, Reportage and Recipes through Central Asia, from Hinterland to Heartland, the follow-up to  Black Sea, is a reimagining of traditional travel writing using food as the jumping-off point to explore Central Asia. Red Sands came out in 2020, and won all of the awards - The Financial Times, The Sunday Times and The New Yorker all selected it as their book of the year for 2020. We talked to Caroline about how her obsession with Central Asia began, the  practicalities of travelling in the region, and the incredible people she met on the way, as well as demystifying plov, the environmental disaster of the Aral Sea, and the soviet-era sanatoriums of Tajikistan. It was an absolute joy to talk to Caroline! 

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